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Frequently Asked Questions

Clear Channel is a prominent player in the field of outdoor advertising in Belgium with approximately 190 employees, a turnover of 60 million euros and over 18,000 billboards and digital screens. The company works with advertisers to carry out high-impact and engaging advertising campaigns that reach people when they are on the move. Solutions are traditional and digital as well as creative, whether in the street, at points of sale, in public transport stations, or on and inside buses.

Because you can book at any time. You can consult the map, book and purchase your billboards 24/7.

Because you can purchase at the last minute. If you are already in possession of a visual, you can book your billboard up to 10 working days prior to display.

Because we assist you. If you have questions or require a personalised offer you can contact our support team by telephone or e-mail. We can also call you back at the time that is most convenient for you. Visit the "Get professional advice" page.

Because it's very convenient. You can choose and book your billboards from the comfort of your office or home, at the time that is most convenient for you.

Because you quickly receive all the information about your booking. Immediately after the purchase, you receive all the information concerning your billboard by e-mail.

Because the site is secure. Payments are secure and we ensure that your data is fully protected.

To find out more about outdoor advertising, visit our "Why opt for outdoor advertising" page.

Two payment methods are available: payment via a direct bank transfer (similar to Bancontact) and payment by credit card. Both methods are entirely secure.

For any changes, please log in. Once your session begins, you can make the necessary changes in the "My details" tab.

In order to better meet your needs, when a purchase reaches a certain amount we prefer to get back to you to make you a more customised offer. Give us your contact details and one of our employees will contact you.

Click the "Support" tab, where you will find the contact details of the people responsible for each stage of your booking.

Do not hesitate to contact our team or to submit your contact details on the "My profile" page. Our team will contact you as soon as possible. Not all the billboards in our inventory are available for individual sale. This the case, for example, with scrolling billboards.

For local sale Clear Channel take charge of printing and delivery of posters with the aim to provide an “all-inclusive” service and avoid customers the most laborious technical stages of the street advertising purchase, as well as delivery deadlines. You can find information about printing here

For any question you can also contact the Production department

When booking online you’ll be offered the option to include the creative work for the visual. Should you need a visual but do not wish to involve Clear Channel you can turn to a graphic designer in your city. In case you do not have visual it is recommended to extend the period between the booking and posting date in order to allow enough time to create the visual.

The visual must be sent at least 10 business days prior to the display date.
It will be subject to verification against the Advertising Code of Ethics (by our teams), because it must be in line with and not contrary to accepted standards of good conduct and behaviour.
For submission you have two options:

1. Via the FTP address:FTP.CLEARCHANNEL.BE
login: metra3
password: gagDovfa
You must place the files in the TO_CCB folder .

2. Via WeTransferto the following address: production@clearchannel.be

For any questions relating to the technical specifications for the advertisements, please consult the "Download Center", where you will also find the technical data sheets.

If you already have a visual, the booking must be made at least 10 days prior to the start date of the campaign, taking into account the timeframes for printing and submitting the advertisement(s).
If you do not have a visual, we recommend that you contact a graphic designer and ask him or her about timeframes prior to booking.

You can book a billboard for as long as you wish. The price for subsequent years will be automatically indexed.

You can modify a reservation but cancellation is not possible. Please see our sales terms & conditions for further details and do not hesitate to contact our team

Yes, you can change your visual to regularly update your message, for monthly promotion for instance. 

A modification of the visual is included in the panel price if it is posted on Tuesdays, namely to standard posting dates. It costs 75€ if it’s posted another day of the week. You'll be charged separately. Clear Channel does not post during the weekend. 

Should you wish to change your visual do not hesitate to leave your contact details to be called by our team

No, because for all individual purchases we print on opaline polyester. This is a material which ensures the longevity of your advertisement.

Yes, our NFC billboards can be purchased and activated. You can also contact our team if you wish to fit a Clear Channel billboard with an NFC tag.

Current audience research (Centre for Information about Media) always focuses on a set of billboards and on a population group of a given size, but not on individual billboards and people. The size of the sample does not make it possible to meaningfully evaluate performance by billboard or even by town or city, but only by network and national level, north of the country, south of the country, or in five major cities (Brussels, Charleroi, Liège, Antwerp, Ghent). Traffic statistics for an individual billboard therefore do not exist.

As such, advertising must be honest and fair: designed so as not to abuse the trust of consumers; decent: free of any objectionable image processing in accordance with accepted standards; and truthful: it may not contain elements that are likely to mislead the consumer by omission, ambiguity or exaggeration. The objective here is that it must be deserving of the trust that the public must be able to place in it. It must be designed with a due sense of social responsibility: it must respect human dignity and must not encourage or support any form of discrimination, must avoid any exploitation of feelings of fear, and must not encourage anti-social behaviour.

Advertising must be exclusively in Dutch in the municipalities of Kortrijk, Schoten, Tervuren, Dilbeek and Schilde.

Generally-speaking, and for any other municipality, it is customary to use one of the three national languages or English. If the message is in another language, a translation into one of the above languages is asked to be placed at the bottom of the advertisement.

Download Center

Here you will find documents relating to our terms and conditions of sale, the Advertising Code of Ethics, the restrictions, as well as the technical specifications for creating your visual. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.