10 good reasons
to opt for outdoor advertising

A place where your brand name and customers meet: outdoor advertising is the primary source of identification for more than eight out of ten people and prompts more than one out of two people to visit a store.
A medium that enhances customer perception: 53% of consumers consider outdoor advertising to be a real asset within the store's information offer.
Information consumers expect: information on how to reach your point of sale, special offers, opening hours and special event days is greatly appreciated in nine out of ten cases.
Choice locations: give yourself a second storefront in strategic locations along major roads, at the heart of everyday living and transit areas, near a shopping district, etc. Or why not near your competitors?
More customers in your point of sale: two-thirds of consumers say that they look at directional signs in order to find their way around.
Create a buzz: surprise your customers by livening up everyday living and mobility environments and by putting on a show!
Guaranteed visibility: the size of the advertisements and the strategic locations mean that outdoor advertising is a medium you can't ignore. Some 88% of consumers have seen an outdoor advertisement in the 30 minutes prior to their purchase.
Real persuasive power: 72% of consumers who have seen an outdoor advertisement in the previous 30 minutes consider looking for more information on the products advertised. Around 59% say that this increases the probability of them making a purchase.
24/7: your brand name is nearby, accessible and visible. Because a campaign stays on display seven days a week, you benefit from repetitive exposure in your area.
The most effective advertising message: we offer the possibility of tailoring your visual to the advertising location, to your target audience, or to current initiatives (open house day, product launch, new store, etc.)
Stand out from your competitors with outdoor advertising: affordable budgets, a very large format on high-quality and backlit furniture, a very local medium with 24/7 visibility.

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